It is a film that serves a higher purpose.



     For far too long, drugs have been one of the most destructive forces in our society. Drug addiction continues to be a catastrophic health problem throughout the world. It has taken millions of lives, ruined the wellbeing of countless others and remains one of the most profitable industries.

     Our film is a candid portrayal of how drug addiction affects the friends and loved ones of substance abusers. The story focuses on the deceptive and desperate lengths to which drug addicts will go to defend and maintain their addictions. It is about the endless fabrications, the maze of lies and deceit. Mirages of hope and abysses of confusion. The frustration of loving a person while despising their addiction, and how that addiction can eclipse an entire life and personality.

     We believe that a story can only be worthy of the telling when it expresses genuine truths, resonates with our own personal experiences and understands the complexities--both bitter and inspiring--of the world we live in.

     We know that our film is not going to solve the widespread epidemic of drug addiction.  It is our wish that the film can provide some consolation, if only just briefly, for the many people who care for someone battling drug addiction.