What distinguishes "The Frogmarch" from other films?


     “The Frogmarch” is fresh, new and original.  It embraces all of the things that make us want to watch movies. People want to be surprised. They want to be entertained. They want to be swept up in the moment. They want to laugh. They want to feel.

      They want to be captivated.

     “The Frogmarch” is that kind of movie. It's filled with characters that we care about and cheer for. The story offers mysteries that we want to get to the bottom of: What did he mean when he said that? Why did she take those keys? How can they fix this? The relationships are complex and lifelike. The characters banter in rapid-fire dialogue that crackles with both humor and tension. It holds scenes of immense sadness followed by unexpected outbursts of comedy.  Most importantly, it is a deeply personal film that has something to say.

     “The Frogmarch” is the kind of movie-going experience we always want to have but very rarely do.